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Jawbone Health Charlotte NC

Beautiful young woman sitting in dental chair and smiling with great jawbone health at Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery in Charlotte, NCWhen discussing oral health, many people focus on the teeth and forget the jaw. However, the jaw remains one of the most vital aspects of your dental health. It houses the teeth, supports the gums, and protects facial features. As such, it is imperative to care for your jaw like any other oral features. Visit our clinic at Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery for expert jawbone treatment in Charlotte.

What Is a Healthy Jawbone?

A healthy jawbone should have adequate volume and density. Your jaw should open and close seamlessly without feeling stiff or causing discomfort. However, the jawbone requires constant stimulation to maintain its health. It relies on your teeth for stimulus when chewing or biting. If you lose one or several teeth, the jawbone might not receive sufficient stimulation to maintain its functionality.

If you do not replace the missing teeth with dental implants, jawbone deterioration might begin at the site of the missing teeth. Your body will produce more osteoclasts, causing the jawbone under the lost teeth to break down.

Why Is Good Jawbone Health Important?

The significance of good jawbone health cannot be understated. The jawbone holds your teeth and maintains your facial structure. It facilitates chewing and talking and keeps your sinus in place, ensuring proper breathing.

Good jawbone health is also critical for various dental restorations. You require a dense and healthy jawbone to get dental implants in Charlotte, NC. Severe jawbone loss requires bone grafting to regenerate new growth before undergoing an implant procedure.

Consequences of Unhealthy Jawbone

Jawbone deterioration has severe health implications. First, it increases the likelihood of tooth loss. Teeth require a healthy jawbone to remain firmly in place. As jawbone loss escalates, the teeth become loose. They no longer have a sturdy foundation, increasing their chances of falling out.

An unhealthy jawbone can also distort your facial profile and cause wrinkles around your mouth. Moreover, it might inhibit speech and limit chewing and biting ability. You will no longer be able to eat certain foods. Bone loss can also impact the remaining teeth. They might shift and become misaligned as they try to fill the void. If untreated, jawbone loss might require extensive dental restorations.

How to Maintain Jawbone Health

Prevention is better than cure. You can maintain good jawbone health through lifestyle changes and healthy habits. Exercise your jaw regularly by chewing and talking to stimulate bone regeneration. Maintain proper oral hygiene and embrace healthy eating to strengthen your jawbone. Limit your intake of alcohol. Also, consider quitting smoking since it affects your oral and overall health. Remember to visit a dentist regularly for routine checkups.

Restore Your Jawbone with Bone Grafting Charlotte, NC

Maintaining good jawbone health is critical for your oral health. If you notice signs of bone loss, you can stop or reverse it by booking an appointment at Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery for professional bone grafting in Charlotte. Call us at (980) 332-7990 to meet our dentist for further assistance.


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