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Bridges and Dentures With or Without Implants in Charlotte, NC

Model of dental bridgeA dental bridge or denture is an excellent option in replacing missing teeth. Filling the gaps of missing teeth is best for your overall oral health, and we can help. Today, patients have a variety of options in their tooth replacement, options in the material being used and even how it is retained. We can customize your treatment specific to meet your needs. Working with our staff at Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery, we can review the options and help you find the best treatment based on your oral health requirement, medical needs and financial ability. We can help you have better oral health and improved function.

Replacing Missing Teeth with a Dental Bridge or Denture

A common dental restoration is replacing missing teeth with a dental bridge or denture. Traditional practices include fitting a dental bridge by anchoring the device over two healthy teeth with replacement teeth between. Dentures are traditionally held in placing using a clasping system or through suction and store bought adhesive. These treatment options provide the tools needed to help you have improved oral health and can be a sufficient option.

The downside to using a dental bridge over two healthy teeth as anchors is choosing to permanently alter two otherwise healthy teeth. When possible it is best to not change or impact teeth unnecessarily. The downside to traditional partial dentures is limited stability relying only on clasps, and the damage that the clasps can cause to the healthy teeth they are attached to. The downside to a full traditional denture retained simply through suction and adhesive alone, is the awareness that they can slip, rock and even fall out. They never feel completely secure. Today, we have options that eliminate adjusting healthy neighboring teeth, eliminate loose dentures, and provide you with a permanent solution that is better for your bone health and overall oral health. This is the advancement of, and increasing use of dental implants.

Implant Retained Dental Bridge or Denture

A dental implant is a titanium or ceramic post that we can surgically embed into your jawbone to serve as a stable structure to attach a dental prosthetic to. The advantages of choosing to use one or more dental implants is significant. Primarily, we are reestablishing a connection with your jawbone. This is ideal for good bone health and can help you retain a more youthful facial shape in the future. Additionally, once the post is firm, we can use the post, and not neighboring teeth to secure your device. We always advise promoting the health of your natural teeth when possible. An additional benefit is tied with how you will look and feel. Dental implants provide the next best option after your own natural teeth. They allow you to have a restoration that doesn’t just look natural, but functions and feels natural.

Implant Retained Bridge

An implant retained dental bridge is used to replace some or even all of your teeth on an arch. We surgically embed as many implants as needed per the work being done. These implants will serve as stable posts in your mouth to retain a dental bridge. A dental bridge can be used for a few teeth, multiple teeth or even all of your teeth. A full arch dental bridge known as the All-on-4® Treatment Concept can provide the patient with a stable, permanent full arch of teeth.

Implant Retained Denture

Similarly to an implant retained bridge, we can stabilize a full arch denture with dental implants. There are variations of this system that allow the patient to either keep their denture permanently in, or allow them to remove their denture when needed. Dentures that are implant retained and still removable include a ball implant retained denture which uses a snap on and off system, and a bar implant retained denture which allows the patient to hook and unhook their denture to an attached bar.


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At Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery, we understand that a dental bridge or denture is an excellent option in replacing missing teeth. Click here to learn more.
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