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Preparation and recovery after oral maxillofacial surgery

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery
Preparation and recovery after oral maxillofacial surgeryAfter maxillofacial surgery is indicated and the surgical plan is evaluated, the patient is given guidelines on how to prepare for the surgery. The preparation, however, varies depending on the condition being remedied and the expected results of the surgery. A patient is advised to ask questions to comprehend the situation fully.

What the patient needs to know prior

Most oral surgeries are performed in-office, for example, tooth extractions. If open surgery is recommended, the operation will have to be performed in an operating room in the presence of an experienced anesthesiologist to keep track of patient condition during the surgery.

The patient will be given food and drinking restrictions, especially if general anesthesia is administered. Some medicines, for example, blood thinners anticoagulants, should be avoided days before the surgery to reduce the risk of complications. On the day of the surgery, the patient is advised to bring verification documents and approved payments for smooth operations. If admission to the hospital was recommended, the patient is advised to leave their valuables at home and bring someone along, as travelling back home while under the influence of anesthesia is dangerous. 


After the operation, the patient is advised to make lifestyle changes to speed up the healing process. Most patients return to normal activity after a few days, but healing varies depending on the type of surgery administered. Patients should take care of their wound, follow the soft liquid diet recommended, ensure proper oral hygiene avoid smoking and drinking and limit facial movement, for example, in case of jaw surgery. Patients who have undergone surgery might expect to experience pain, bruising and discomfort after surgery and are advised to seek professional help if the conditions worsen.


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