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Options to Consider For Full Mouth Reconstruction

Posted on 7/24/2023 by Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery
Options to Consider For Full Mouth ReconstructionMouth reconstruction is a surgical procedure that provides the solution to conserve the teeth in the individual most naturally. This procedure is done in people who have experienced significant tooth loss or require repair to their aesthetic facial nature and functionality.

In general, surgeons perform the mouth reconstruction procedure when the degree of harm and damage to the dental condition is enormous and causes problems that interfere with the functionality of the dental system.

Depending on their needs, an individual can choose for full mouth reconstruction. Such Full mouth reconstruction options include;

Reconstruction with Dental Veneers

The damaged and affected teeth are reconstructed with dental Veneers component material. These materials are made up mainly of ceramic or zirconium. The piece is designed to simulate the tooth's shape and also fits suitably at the front, thus giving natural results and recreating the aesthetic appearance of the patient's smile and teeth.

Post and Crown Reconstruction

They are primarily performed during complex full mouth reconstruction of a patient with severe dental and facial damage. Oral surgeons place a crown and insert a bolt that allows the piece to maintain its firmness and firmly attach, preventing movements within the mouth. Furthermore, this option mainly considers patients suffering from endodontic conditions, especially caries.

Reconstruction with Dental Inlay

Dentists perform this reconstruction usually in teeth that have lost a section of their dental structure hence making the teeth deteriorate in structure leading to pain and discomfort in patients. During the reconstruction, the dentist carefully preserves the tooth's original shape to prevent problems related to poor hygiene, cavities, or gingivitis.

In conclusion, there are many reconstruction options that a patient can choose with the assistance of a dental specialist that will deal with his dental condition and restore the functionality and structure of the teeth.


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