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Are Dental Lasers Safe?

Posted on 3/20/2023 by Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery
Are Dental Lasers Safe?Many applications for laser technology are available in dentistry, and the general dentist can benefit from features like bloodless surgery, little postoperative discomfort, shorter operating times, and high patient acceptance. Several investigations have shown that patient acceptance is also possible. Despite these significant benefits, laser safety must always be taken into consideration. Due to the expanding usage of technology, it has grown to be a significant issue in the current contemporary era of dentistry. When utilizing lasers, potential risks include impacting the eyes, tissue damage, breathing fumes released during the laser operation, fire, explosion, etc.

People who might be exposed to lasers intentionally or unintentionally while utilizing them should ensure their safe use. Clinicians and other healthcare professionals should also take adequate measures to reduce injuries brought about by laser accidents. This article examines the dangers of using lasers in dentistry and offers some laser safety rules and precautions that can be used in dental offices to reduce the possibility of laser injuries.

Although Laser Dentistry Is Safe, Is It Effective?

Whether safety is not an issue, another popular query is whether laser dentistry is as efficient as the conventional method of employing metal tools to clean teeth. Although the traditional method is successful, the recently developed laser technology is more effective and enables the dentist to identify potential problems earlier. This feature allows dentists to maintain their patients' teeth in better health.

Hazards Involved With Laser Dentistry

The dangers associated with laser dentistry are minimal. Hiring a trained dentist with proper experience with laser dentistry is essential, as employing the incorrect wavelength or power level could cause tissue damage. In addition, some doctors are concerned that advertising promotes laser treatment beyond what people require. Your dentist will require you to wear protective eyewear to shield your eyes from the laser. Contact our offices to schedule an appointment today if you need quality and safe dental laser procedures.


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